Continous catalyst Regeneration

The reactors are stacked with a moving bed of catalyst trickling from the top reactor to the bottom reactor by gravity.

Partially deactivated catalyst from the bottom of the reactor stack is continuously withdrawn and transferred to the CCR regenerator. The regenerated catalyst is re-injected to the top of the first reactor to complete the catalyst circulation cycle.

Hydrotreated naphtha feed is combined with recycled hydrogen gas and heat exchanged with the reactor effluent. The combined feed is then raised to the reaction temperature in the charge heater and sent to the first reactor section.

Because the predominant reforming reactions are endothermic, an inter-reactor heater is used to reheat the charge to the desired reaction temperature before it is introduced to the next reactor.

The effluent from the last reactor is heat exchanged with the combined feed, cooled, and separated into vapor and liquid products in a separator.