Crude oil and Natural gas are major source of energy in present time. These sources of energy constitute basically Carbon and Hydrogen and refereed as Hydrocarbon. Along with Carbon and Hydrogen the crude oil has other major element i.e. Nitrogen, Sulfur etc.

The low carbon molecules are remaining in form of Natural gas and molecules with high number of carbon are remaining in form of crude oil.

Based on various parameters from the region of production to their composition, the crude oil has various way of classification. However the very much discussed classification is based on their sulfur composition.

Sweet Crude Oil:-

Crude oil is currently considered as sweet if it contains less than 0.5% sulfur.

Sweet Crude oil with less sulfur compound and less carbon dioxide is easy to refine. The sweet crude oils are high in demand and cost more.Most of Crude Oil refiners prefer to use sweet crude oil or use a mix of sweet crude oil with sour crude oil to save the feed cost.The low sulfur content in sweet Crude oil results in less sulfur in endproduct like Gasoline and Diesel.

Sour Crude Oil:-

Crude oil is currently considered as sour crude oil if it contains more than 0.5% sulfur. Sour crude oil smell as rotten egg.

Sour crude oil are more impure and require more effort and extra processing unit during refining process.Stabilisation of Sour crude oil is necessary before processing. The high effort of prcoessing of Sour crude oil make its in less dmand and remain cheaper.

The main products of Crude Oil processing are :-


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    Very much informative blog post. It is real truth that we are working with Oil industry without knowing its basic information and we remain tangled in equipment API codes.
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