Crude Oil refinery uses a long range of pump from Centrifugal pump to screw type pump.The reuirement of pump varies as per the process fluid handling, reuired head, NPSH available etc.


Mostly centrifugal type are being used in process requirement. The pump may be of API standard or may not be.The utilities and offsite division do have less number of API pumps comparision to process flow units.


It has obseved at so many times that the Pump cost in a project varies significatnly. The reason is unenvisaged scenarion for a project during feasibility study. At the time of PFR or DFR the type of pump has not been finalised and standard cost has been adopted for capital cost estimate.The Pump cost will vary from thousand to million if the type of pump just changed from OH1 to VS4. The LSTK contractor may suffer a big loss.


We will discuss about the Pump cost variation with type of Pump in coming blog which is coming very soon.